I Love My Car is a long term project initiated in August 2015 by Vivian Friedrich, including different steps of creation and 3 scenic propositions:

I ILMC – Object relations

A 20min. Live-Act with Impro-Circ between the sound artist Joan Lavandeira and the creator Vivian Friedrich based on a vocabulary with a U-rope and a research on the significance of the object and our relations with them.

In Greek mythology the human is a deficient being – a being which at the end steels the craftsmanship to become a toolmaker. Philosophers see the human as a “not finished animal” which has poor instinct and need to compensate the lack of specialized organs.
There is the theory of “organ projection”  that understands mediums or objects as an extension of human body organs or as an expansion of certain human facilities. Another opinion understands this more as a compensation – like a prosthesis. Although a prosthesis can be incorporated, it still can feel like a foreign body. If we see the object as a medium to act or to move, it will influence the action. So a medium is not just a neutral support, it also defines the transmitted content. It can actually  generate behavior. A medium can become independent from its normal function and develop a kind of self-will.


II  I Love My Car – in-situ –

I Love My Car -in situ- is a creative box, adaptable on a specific context and space. The creation is based on topics as the self-object, simulations and simulacra of the 21st century and the relation of the body in virtual and natural spaces.

In a dialogue with the location of exhibition (gallery, industrial hall, art space, churches, stages….) the team will develope a site-specific concept, creating in-situ during one week. A link between art, community and cultural context is wished by the creators and can be worked out together e.g. collaboration of youth groups, social institutions, universities…

The team works with light and sound installations, a movement language and performance art. Furthermore they collaborate with visual artists such as Carlos Nogueras, the actress and singer Aida Oset and the dramaturg Ferran Dordal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Site-Specific Performance Konvent, Cal Rosal, Berga.

III   I Love My Car – inside

I Love My Car is a 60-70min. piece for theatre, dance and contemporary circus venues.

The piece reflect on our ambition of success, happiness and love within a global capitalistic society and the comercialization and branding of the own image.

Creation developed in the frame of the EP Programm of La Central del Circ, Barcelona, working on concepts as the „circus artist as a product“ and the evaluation of beauty and ugliness.

I Love My Car // The Arts Priting House Lithuania Vilnius